Complete RMS Download

Want to practice and learn more about our RMS race system? Well now you can…

Practice on the RMS at home if you have Windows 7, 10 or 11 p.c.

  • Use the RMS at home, so no pressure!
  • Watch the video tutorials below.

Now updated for the 2023 Racing season, with the full programme of events.

Download “2023 RaceSystemInstaller”

RaceSystemInstaller.exe – Downloaded 97 times – 19.25 MB

Download the RMS “2023 RaceSystemInstaller” to your desktop. Then click to run the installer and create the system!

You can also download detailed instructions in the pdf below:

(Note, you may get some warnings for the RaceInstaller download (because it is an executable file) but the file IS safe!)
If you are expert and want to check the downloaded installer file,
the SHA256 check on the file is: 2952000A5311AC1C78BFBA5AB85B793282527337FFE7D205E795B421DEA79CB2
the MD5 checksum is: D29859275206E12388F7FB2CE7385D96

P.S. A useful program to use for this is