Category: RaceBox

  • Schematic & Breadboard Wiring

    The wiring schematic and a sample breadboard wiring layout for the Race Control Box are shown below.These are also included in the DOCUMENTATION

  • Racebox Documentation

    The documentation is provided as a pdf which can be downloaded. It includes feature description, User Instructions, the prototype construction with diagrams and suggested parts list – everything you need! I hope you enjoy making it, and find it useful in your club races!

  • Make your own Racebox

    The other pages in this section give all the information needed to build the “RaceBox” for your club.

  • Racebox Overview

    The Portable Racebox is complete with an LCD display including countdown and elapsed race time. The box can be built for a very modest cost and provides outputs for an external horn and 3 lights, as well as local LED indicators.

  • About Portable Racebox

    Many sailing clubs enjoy racing, but starting a race properly ( giving accurately timed sound signals with the correct lights/flags ) can be tricky for club volunteer members who are not too familiar with procedures. The sailing ‘Race Control Box’ project demonstrates a low-cost, portable unit that will help even novice Race Officers run races…