Resources for Budworth Sailing Club members.

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Want to practice and learn more about our RMS race system? Well now you can…

  • Use the RMS at home, so no pressure!
  • Watch the video tutorials below.

You can now practice on the RMS at home if you have Windows 7 or Windows 10 p.c.
This is updated for the 2022 Racing season, with the full programme of events.

Download the “RMS Training System 2022” file to your desktop by clicking below. Then click the installer to create the system!
RaceSystem v10.1 (72 downloads)

(Last Updated: v10.1 at 04/May/2022 at 20:20)

Also, here are instructions (in pdf format): How to use the RMS training system

(Note, you may get some download warnings (as it is an executable file) but the file IS safe!)
If you are expert and want to check the downloaded installer file,
the SHA256 check on the file is: E216925BD8116C5016D0CA5FF2A4734E3C40EA5033037FA488D09BBB073ED275
the MD5 checksum is: 66CF78DD8B80F9E4A7D7345EC7EC6698

P.S. A useful program to use for this is

Other Resources

  • Version 10 (2022) RMS system has revised Help documentation and online-help. Within the RMS itself, press the F1 key or click a “Help” button to call it up.
  • BUT if you want to read them I have also created PDF versions for both the PRO and SignON Help which you can read and download!

RMS RaceManager Help.pdf

SignOn Manager Help.pdf

RMS Training 2021 PowerPoint slides

Training Videos

Updated RMS video – 2020, includes new “remote SignOn” option for 2020-2021.
Note: if you experience problems, try “Watch on You-Tube” option

New video for 2022 – be fast, use the keyboard only!

Below are the original RMS training videos from 2012. Although the program has changed in the last 10 years(!) the principles and basic operation is the same, so will give you a useful starting point.

I’m afraid they are a little “dry”, and I am re-making them for 2022, but meanwhile I hope you find them useful.

PRO Video 2 – Starting a Race

PRO Video 3 – Race Progress & Finishing

PRO Video 4 – Managing Races