This website is now primarily used to provide information, help and resources for the sailing club Race Management System.

The RMS first went “Live” in 2012, and has been in use ever since at Budworth Sailing Club, the “RYA Club of the Year 2022”.
During this time I have added requested features and improvements, and so the RMS is still probably the most advanced and integrated software system available for club dinghy racing.

Th RMS handles every part of Race Management, from initial race programme creation through the running and real-time scoring of races to the final (automatic) publishing of Event and Series results on the web. So “enter once” and no re-typing or copying of data from one system to another!

Budworth Sailing Club has a focus on “Fleet” racing, so the RMS was designed to provide for this, in addition to Handicap and Pursuit racing.

  • Signing On – sailors can join races easily using a “touch screen” in the clubhouse, or from their mobile using a web app.
  • Race Starting – The RMS provides a variety of automatic race start sequences, and handles up to 5 flights on a regular basic. Flights can be a mixture of Handicap and Fleet classes, and results can be automatically separated out into the different Series within an Event.
  • Race Scoring – The RMS provides real-time entry, which is very quick, to identify a boat (by sail number) and record their Lap or finish details.
  • Pursuit Races – The RMS provides a flexible setup for pursuit race “Scratch Class”, Duration, and selection of boat classes, and will automatically calculate the correct start timings and give starting signals for each Class.
  • Single or multi-day “Open Events” – The RMS allows registration before the event or on-the-day, or a mixture of both. Sailor “Categories” e.g. Gold/Silver/Bronze can be entered for each sailor and shown on the race Results
  • Race Results – for Events and Series – calcuation is automatic, triggered by a simple button press at the end of a day’s racing, and the results will be instantly shown on the club website.
  • Corrections? after races are completed and scored, corrections can still be made using a separate “Web Admin” interface. (Maybe as the result of a Protest Hearing, or and entry error on the day?)